Call for Interesting Cases


Deadline: Interesting cases must be submitted by December 2, 2019.

CRT 2020 invites you to showcase interesting and challenging cases for educational purposes. We are particularly interested in cases that fall into the following categories:

  • Coronary
  • Endovascular
  • Valve & Structural
  • Complications
  • Imaging


The top Interesting Case submissions will be presented orally at CRT, and the presenters will be Adjunct Faculty. As a member of CRT 2020 Adjunct Faculty, your CRT 2020 registration fee will be discounted.

Interesting Case submissions may also be published on

Submission Details:

All Interesting Cases must be submitted electronically as a PowerPoint presentation. Please be sure to include the title of the case, a brief description, and a suggested presenter.

  • Select a case, 10 minutes in length which has a good learning objectives.
  • Please use this PowerPoint slide template to submit your case.
  • Do not exceed 20 slides
  • Include the title of the case, and a suggested presenter.
  • This is an interventional conference; make the history and physical examination items relevant to the case.
  • Select good images (angiograms, echocardiograms) and save them in a video format that is compatible with PowerPoint.
  • Use as much of the slide as possible for the video files
  • One video file for one slide. Too many videos files on one slide are hard to see and subject to malfunction.
  • Make sure ALL slides follow HIPAA regulations please
  • No literature review is necessary
  • Make sure all video clips are looping and working fine since the reviewers will reject cases with still cath images.
  • Finish with “Take Home Messages”

Inquiries: If you have any questions, please contact

**If you submit in this category but do not receive approval, CRT will offer you a discounted registration rate of $400. Directions will be provided at time of review notification.